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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
I knew others desired and envied my bar, but I didn’t know to what length people would stoop to get a taste of my crispety crunchety, peanut-buttery BUTTERFINGER®. It wasn’t until someone laid a finger on my BUTTERFINGER® that the crime reports I heard about, really hit home. That’s when I logged onto and filed my own Crime Report. To my surprise, thousands of other people were going through the same bar withdrawal as I was – including Lou Ferrigno and Charisma Carpenter. I knew we couldn’t sit back and let this continue so we teamed up and formed the Butterfinger Defense League! Our team of sexy, sassy and hulking huge heroes will stop at nothing to help you protect your bar from the sticky fingered thieves.

We even teamed up with Sir Mix-A-Lot to create this delicious remake of his 90’s hit called “I Like Big Butterfingers.” Check it out now at:

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